Food & Agriculture and Consumer value chains

Reducing food wastage; improving efficiencies in rural-urban food and goods supply chains through disintermediation, transparency and resource optimization; increasing choice and speed in rural distribution chains; enabling discovery and productivity for services entrepreneurs in cities; enhancing farm productivity and post harvest management

Clean Energy and Mobility

Catalysing electric mobility across different vehicle form-factors; enabling growth of high-speed asset-efficient renewable energy generation platforms;


Healthcare and Education

Creating integrated healthcare systems that lower overall healthcare costs and reduce disease burden; improving efficiencies in pharma and device supply chains; reducing healthcare financing costs through innovative instruments; improving school education outcomes through scalable in-school and supplementary interventions; enhancing employability for blue-grey collar workers



Essential Digital Goods & Financial Services

Unlocking growth of small business finance through value chain automation and upgraded underwriting and distribution; reducing transaction costs through next -generation infrastructural upgrades; enabling equal access of digital services across languages and formats


* portfolio companies in red boxes are ones that have been exited