OUR Perspective

India lags behind most emerging market metrics in providing basic services and utilities. India’s healthcare system is patchy, with underfunded and overcrowded hospitals and clinics, inadequate rural coverage, and a dearth of qualified medical professionals.

These challenges provide a ripe opportunity for private players to build large profitable businesses in a fragmented space that is traditionally served by the government. We believe that the problem of delivering accessible and good quality healthcare at reasonable price points is solved by two business models that have demonstrated corporate level profitability in India and abroad: book businesses (hospitals and clinics) with robust clinical pathways and infrastructure that have a strong focus on operational efficiencies, and technology-led businesses that reduce the cost and increase the convenience of access.

portfolio spotlight

BeWell Hospitals operates 8 secondary health centers in Tamil Nadu and has cumulatively served over 500,000 patients till date. Watch a short film on the company below: