The current K-12 school system in India is one of the largest in the world with more than 1.4 million schools with 250 million students enrolled. Private players operate 25% of schools but account for over 40% of total school enrollments, a share that will only increase given the public’s aversion to poorly funded and managed public education, and the government’s push towards becoming a payor for services as opposed to a provider.

In spite of the increasing participation of private enterprises in this sector, lack of trained teachers and appropriate infrastructure plagues most affordable private schools. We believe that to deliver truly scalable and systemic change in the sector, a fully connected approach to core K-12 education that takes into account a fundamental understanding of the human stakeholders involved, and effectively incentivizes them to influence behaviours is required. 


Xamcheck provides personalized assessments and learning tools to affordable K-12 schools. The company has grown over 100x in terms of enrollment and revenue over the past 3 years and currently caters to 300,000 children across 800 schools in South and West India. Watch a short film on the company below: