Aspada provides patient capital to entrepreneurs reinventing fundamental services for hundreds of millions of Indians. Our experienced cross-functional team manages over $100 million in capital and has a demonstrated track record of success in identifying, investing in, and exiting early stage investments in India.

Venture Capital thinking in India has historically been greatly influenced by the successes of the industry in the US and Chinese markets. This has led early-stage fund managers to back companies that mimic the business models of startups in the American and Chinese markets. These models are typically built to serve a demographic with a threshold level of income and digital literacy, which in India translates to the top of the income pyramid. Thus, venture-backed startups in India often fail to address the needs of middle and lower-middle class India, which today account for over half a billion people.



The Aspada approach has been to invest in home-grown business models that address the unmet needs of the middle of the pyramid by adopting a full-stack approach. Our portfolio of 17 investments across agriculture, healthcare, financial services, education, logistics, employability, and technology-led SME enablement platforms, showcases Aspada’s commitment to solving India’s hardest problems in a capital efficient manner at scale.